When deciding to enter into industrial property rights litigation and when evaluation defence following third-party actions, we put all our experience and professionalism at the disposal of our clients.

Thanks to our experience, we are in a position to address complex legal issues with at times unique approach and deliver actual results to our clients.

Besides the many cases brought to us by our clients, our experience also stems from the many cases brought to us by the Judicial Authority of various Italian courts in order to address complex patent property rights infringement or infringement matters.

Guaranteeing promptness, and exclusive specialisation Industrial Property is of crucial importance in out-of-court litigation, emergency proceedings or substantive proceedings.

Our experience has earned us the opportunity to collaborate with several leading Intellectual Property law firms over the years, offering our clients exclusive expertise and options for litigation before the Courts of all countries where our clients operate. We follow all facets of defence and the enforcement of patent, trademarks and models rights in any country abroad, both at the both in-and-out-of-court, through a selected and extensive network of professional and legal firms worldwide.

When it comes to legal proceedings, collaborating with selected and trusted attorneys exclusively specialising in Intellectual Property, always keeping the sole and actual interest of our clients at the centre of the litigations, is paramount to us.

Furthermore, legal issues involving patent-related Industrial Property rights are also often fully settled in favour of one of the parties, for example given that partial infringement of a product with respect to a patent is ruled out. The experience of our attorneys working as European patent agents used to opposition proceedings plays a crucial role in allowing us to follow the technical phases of litigation with the best tools possible.