A priority search is a search operation aimed at tracing all the prior art documents, whether patents or not, that may have been published prior to a certain date (for example, the date of filing of a patent or the priority thereof) and that relate to a given subject.

A priority search can be conducted directly by our firm (which has access to complete and reliable patent databases) or it can be carried out by an examiner of a Patent Office, for example during a patenting procedure.

In particular, our firm conducts:

  • Search by subject: aimed at tracing public intellectual property rights relating to a specific subject you have indicated to us, for example to be carried out prior to filing a patent application to verify whether the patentability requirements (in particular novelty and inventive step) of the invention to be protected have been met;
  • Search by name: aimed at verifying public intellectual property rights on behalf of a determined natural or legal person you indicate to us, for example to verify whether a particular product marketed by a particular company is protected by intellectual property rights.