We have the experience to define agreements between companies in the field of Intellectual Property, such as assignments and licenses, which take into account all the salient aspects or situations that may arise over time, without extending the writing to those aspects that are in fact unnecessarily divisive and in any case of negligible relevance.

In the field of trademarks, the definition of agreements for the coexistence of distinctive signs between competing companies is often of extreme interest for client companies that manage to preserve the exclusivity of their sign with reference to products and services of real business interest.

In accordance with article 138 of the Industrial Property Code, we arrange for client companies to file transcriptions with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office, with foreign Patent and Trademark Offices, and with competent International Offices, such as EPO, WIPO, EUIPO, particularly regardings the deeds, which transfer, for consideration or free of charge, in whole or in part, the rights on industrial property titles, or which constitute, modify or transfer personal or real rights of enjoyment, special privileges or guarantee rights relating to rights of industrial property titles.