We provide our customers with all our experience and professionalism in hundreds of judicial and extrajudicial cases aimed at resolving complex issues of infringement or of invalidity of patent rights. For example, several Italian Courts have appointed Mr. Gallo as Technical Consultant of the Office (CTU) for issues of unfair competition, theft of information, infringement of patents and designs.

We are specialists in choosing the legal strategy to effectively achieve the goals of client companies both in the event of the enforcement of their rights and in the case of defense following third party actions.

Experience allows us to deal with complex legal situations with even original solutions that bring effective results to client companies.

In out-of-court actions, urgent proceedings or lawsuits on the merits, timeliness and exclusive specialization in the Industrial Property sector must be guaranteed.

For this purpose, we collaborate as top experts in tecnica and legal disputes in the IP field with several leading Intellectual Property law firms to offer client companies a winning team. In legal actions it is important for us to collaborate with selected and trusted lawyers specialized exclusively in Intellectual Property, keeping the sole and effective interest of the client companies at the center of the disputes. We follow every aspect of the defense and enforcement of patent, trademark and design rights in any foreign country both out of court and in court, through a selected and extensive network of professionals and law firms around the world.

Furthermore, legal issues involving Industrial Property rights connected to patents are often resolved completely in favor of one of the parties, since it is not possible, for example, to consider an only partial infringement of a patent. The importance of the experience of our professionals who work as European patent attorneys who are used to following opposition procedures, allows us to follow the technical phases of legal disputes with the best tools.