Our firm provides out-of-court legal assistance and supports lawyers specialized in Intellectual property in the course of proceedings, in order to offer to our clients the best technical and legal support.

Our services include:

  • Defining the legal strategy related to the enforcement or defence of our client’s Industrial Property rights (for example the possibility of pursuing or continuing the business on a product or process) following legal actions by third parties;
  • Defining the legal and technical team of professionals, that is of professors, technicians of the sector, lawyers specialized in the various disciplines of Intellectual Property;
  • Assessment of the risks and chances of proceedings;
  • IP advice prior to legal proceedings;
  • Out-of-court negotiation with the counterparty;
  • Preparation of Agreements;
  • Technical expert advice in the course of proceedings;
  • Infringement opinion;
  • Freedom-to-operate;
  • Assessing the amount of damage in legal proceedings;
  • Advice on acts of unfair competition;
  • Advice on the misappropriation of Know-How;
  • Company policy for protecting its Know-How;
  • Agreements on co-existence between brands or products on the market;
  • Assignment and licensing agreements with respect to Industrial Property rights and/or Know-How.