In today's liberal economy of global competition between entrepreneurs, it is of fundamental importance for our clients to emerge with their own products and stand out in the market through their own distinctive signs, such as trademarks, packaging, slogans.

We work hand in hand with our clients to develop the best strategies for the protection and enhancement of their brands, everything rotating around the “product” and covers it not only with the trademark but also with the packaging, the slogan, the logo, the design, the pay-off, and also the placement of the sign on the product. We value intangible assets that contribute to making the products perceived not only visually but also emotionally and according to the economic, functional or qualitative values that the product is meant to convey.

We manage world-class brands for many leader companies in the food, fashion, eyewear and jewellery industries as well as various industrial technology fields.

Brand strategy choices must be focused on the actual business needs of the clients, taking into account the different national case-law requirements also relating to aspects of unfair competition, look-alike, and the rules regulating design rights, copyrights, etc.

We offer precision in guiding companies through very complex national and supranational regulations.

We have the knowledge and experience to assist our clients in obtaining and protecting intellectual property rights on distinctive signs in any country through our network of agents.

Our professionals are qualified to represent the clients for the grant and protection of their trademark rights in all countries worldwide, in particular before the Italian Patent and Trademarks Office (UIBM), the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) and in any country through our network of qualified agents.