We have the experience of over 200 legal actions as Party Technical Consultants (CTP) or Court Technical Consultants (CTU) for Courts specialized in corporate law, developing winning strategies for our client companies.

We can legally represent client companies directly with our professionals Mr. Luca Gallo and Mr. Giuliano Caldon before the new Unified Court of European Patents.

We employ experienced Industrial Property lawyers with whom we have been collaborating for decades to offer a winning team in every situation.

We are able to define the best legal strategy to adopt by balancing the different aspects that may occur such as: the economic interest in the action of the client company, the economic strength of the counterparty, the interest or need of the counterparty to maintain the position for example on the product that is the subject of the dispute, the possibility of extending the dispute with other legal actions also in other countries, the possibility of extending the legal actions also to other titles in Industrial Property or other products, the possibility of prosecutions, the possibility of introducing variants to the product to circumvent the scope of protection of a patent, the possibility of stopping a lawsuit with another action or with a European patent opposition, the possibility of cross-licensing the patents of the parties, the impact of awareness of the market of the presence of the legal action for example for the renown of the company, the cost of the legal action, the maximum risk in terms of compensation for damages in case of losing the action, the possibility of choosing the competent court where to discuss the case, the summons for connection of third parties, the possibility of resorting to urgent measures, etc...

Our firm is ready to provide you with legal support, also assisted by firms of expert lawyers in the industrial property sector, to offer you the best possible assistance.

Our services include:

  • Definition of the legal strategy related to the enforcement of Industrial Property rights of client companies or to the defense of client companies following legal actions by third parties;
  • Definition of the legal technical team of professionals or expert law firms with exclusive competence in the various disciplines of Industrial Property, sector technicians, IT technicians, university professors, test laboratories, accounting firms for the quantification of the damage, etc.
  • Preparation of Agreements;
  • Technical consultancy during the case;
  • Infringement search;
  • Freedom to operate;
  • Assessment of the quantum of damages in legal actions;
  • Advice on acts of unfair competition;
  • Advice on the misappropriation of Know-How;
  • Company policy for the defense of its Know-How.