The outward appearance of a product can make a fundamental contribution to its commercial success. A buyer can be strongly impressed by the outward appearance of the product to an extent of conditioning the choice thereof even to the detriment of functional and technical aspects that are more difficult to detect.

A design model offers a strongly effective legal protection, very appreciated by companies since it places the success of the product at the centre protecting the outward appearance thereof against attempts to imitate the visual characteristics that make it recognisable and appreciated on the market.

Regardless of whether the product belongs to the “industrial design” field or whether it is an industrial machine or an electronic component, the protection of the design model extends to outward appearance related to the shape, materials, colours, and ornaments of the product that make it recognisable on the market.

Design protection rewards the ability of the product to be recognised in the eyes of the market; our aim is to reward clients with the monopoly on such external recognisability of the products thereof.

It is of fundamental importance to focus filings on elements or parts of the product which are more recognisable in a “market approach” perspective, hence avoiding to dilute them in the whole product.

We have the experience and the ability to protect not only the simple image of the product but also - and above all - the external characteristics that enhance and make the product recognisable on the market and strip the product - on which our clients invest - of its originality when taken individually.