Our company aims to stand out in the field of Intellectual Property for excellence recognized by client companies.

We believe that although Intellectual Property is a sophisticated and highly complex matter, our consultancy must still be of service to client companies, whose judgment objectively qualifies our work and our results. It is therefore our task to make the extreme quality of our consultancy services perceived.

Gallo & Partners consultants are qualified to represent client companies directly before:

  • Italian Patents and Trademarks Office (UIBM);
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO);
  • European Patent Office (EPO);
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO);
  • Unified Patent Court;

as well as before the patent and trademark offices of all countries through a selected network of local correspondents.

Aware that the value of our company lies in the wealth of knowledge and experience of our professionals, we invest every year in their training through courses and meetings at the most recognized training centers at European level.

Our professionals have extensive experience in Intellectual Property litigation having followed hundreds of cases as Court Technical Consultants (CTU) on behalf of specialized Courts and having technically assisted client companies in multiple disputes both in Italy and abroad. To this end, our company collaborates closely with the most qualified professional lawyers specialized in Intellectual Property both in Italy and abroad.

We have the knowledge and experience to deal with an extremely complex matter, such as Intellectual Property, providing clear, precise and tailor-made solutions to client companies.

Our professionals are passionate about their work. Commitment and competence allow them to express themselves with brilliant synthesis skills to allow client companies to consciously make the best decisions in Industrial Property.

We deal with complex technical / legal issues every day by providing tailor-made solutions to client companies that take into account many factors such as real business interests, different national and supranational regulations, different judicial systems and their limits.

Precisely the complexity of the matter requires our professionals to devote a lot of time to each case in order to fully respond to the requests of client companies. Be successful in legal disputes, in oppositions relating to various rights, overcome the objections of the examiners, etc. all of this above all requires time as well as knowledge, acumen, commitment and a spirit of sacrifice. We know how to effectively grasp, in every situation, those elements that determine a real competitive advantage for client companies. We check all the ways with the client companies so as to always define the best choice.

Our genius is not in the inventions - those are developed by our customers - but in the incredible ability of our professionals to make intellectual effort, to devote time, attention and commitment to fully satisfy the needs of our customers.

As trivial as it may seem, this is how we work: we process highly confidential information every day in a relationship of maximum trust with client companies. We do not act as a detached "agency" but we are IP consultants in the guise of colleagues of companies with a constructive relationship with corporate references with whom we continuously exchange information to build together a relationship of mutual trust and the interests of the client company. We believe that this is the only way to help overcome the challenges faced by our clients. We are also transparent in terms of costs. Our estimates are always clear and detailed and take into account all the steps of the procedures. We like to work only honestly with no possibility of misunderstandings.

This is our hallmark and this is our commitment to our customers.