Our mission as a firm is to stand among the best in the Intellectual Property industry, winning the recognition of clients on the market.

We believe that while Intellectual Property is a complex subject and difficult to access, services rendered to clients - whose judgment objectively qualifies our work and our achievements - is at the beating heart of our advisory services.

As professional consultants, we - at Gallo & Partners - are qualified to represent our clients before the:

  • Italian Patents and Trademarks Office (UIBM);
  • World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO);
  • European Patent Office (EPO);
  • European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Furthermore, our experts have vast experience in legal litigation matters having dealt with hundreds of cases as Court Appointed Experts (CAE) on behalf of the Courts specialised in Industrial Property and having technically assisted clients in litigation both in Italy and abroad. To this end, as a firm we work hand in hand with the most qualified attorneys specialising in Intellectual Property in Italy and abroad.

Aware that the value of our firm lies in the knowledge and experience of our experts, every year we invest in their training through courses and meetings at the most renowned training centres at European level.

The complexities of our industry and the technical/legal matters we deal with every day, also bearing in mind the market unpredictability, the uncertainties of the judiciary system and challenges in navigating the complex and varied national and international regulations, require us to devote a great deal of time, focus and commitment to fully meet our clients’ demands. Success in litigation, in opposition relating to various property rights, in overcoming the objections of examiners etc. requires knowledge, acumen, commitment and sacrifice. Alongside our clients, we evaluate all options with the aim of always making the best decision possible.

Our motivated and positive-thinking experts will be there to ensure that, together, even the toughest challenges become easier to address. The commitment of our experts is often a game changer. As a matter of fact, together with the acquired professionalism and great conciseness, this allows them to clearly outline even the most complex technical/legal matters hence allowing clients to consciously make the best decisions.

In every situation by now we know how to effectively grasp elements capable of offering competitive advantage for our clients. Hence, we take pride in our work while at the same time willing to face the new challenges related to our clients’ needs.

As trivial as it might sound ... this is how we truly work: we process highly confidential information every day in a relationship based on maximum trust with our clients. Openness and trust are values for a constructive approach to our work with clients, where each one contributes with his/her own information and skills creating a strong bond of mutual trust step by step. We believe that this is the only way to overcome challenges and build an excellent relationship with our clients. We are also transparent in terms of costs. Our quotes are always clear and detailed and we always promptly communicate and discuss any unexpected additional costs that may arise during the proceedings with our clients. We like to work only honestly without the possibility of misunderstanding and with maximum transparency.

In our firm there is no room for distant staff, but motivated professionals striving to meet our clients’ needs clearly and precisely.

This is our brand and this is our commitment to our clients as a firm.