Gallo & Partners, a patents and designs consulting firm.

Gallo & Partners is a consulting company that operates globally through its own selected network of correspondents for the filing, validation and management of patents, designs and copyrights in all countries of the world and for the defence of the related rights.

We boast a team of brilliant patent and design consultants, Italian and European authorized patent attorneys specialized in the various technical fields, such as mechanics, electrical engineering, electronics and chemistry. Our professionals have developed in-depth engineering knowledge to directly comprehend the problems of our client companies.

Our patent attorneys are qualified to represent our clients in Italy and Europe. In particular, they deal with drafting, filing, obtaining and defending the rights of patents and / or designs before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) and the European Patent Office (EPO), or in other countries through the World International Patent Organization (WIPO, or OMPI in Italian, for example for international PCT patent applications), and through our worldwide network of qualified correspondents.

We assist our clients by providing our experience to build the best strategy for the protection of their inventions and design creations. In particular, we help them choose the form of protection that best suits their new product, for example by choosing between filing a patent application for an industrial invention, a patent application for a utility model, and a design application.

In addition, we assist our clients in the design phase of new products, providing them with prior art searches to help them learn about the state of the art relating to the products of their interest. Furthermore, during the administrative procedures, we also handle: patent boxes (i.e. exploitation of tax regulations to obtain income tax allowances obtained with products subject to patents, utility models, and know-how), assessments of patents and designs (e.g. for license or assignment agreements), freedom-to-operate to monitor the exclusive rights of competitors, validation of European patents (TBE), validation in Italy of international patents and designs, extensions abroad of Italian patents and designs, designation of other countries, provisional protection of European patent applications, replies to official letters received by the examiners, opposition to granted European patents, drafting of warning letters and replying to received ones, software protection like the copyright, protection of Industrial design works, portfolio management of the client’s intangible assets, and official fees payment (in particular maintenance fees).