Consultancy for verification of patent rights infringement

Gallo & Partners is an industrial and intellectual property consulting firm that operates globally through its own selected network of correspondents for the registration of patents, trademarks, designs, and copyrights, and for the defence of related rights worldwide.

We assist our clients by making our experience available to obtain monopoly rights derived from patents, trademarks, designs and copyrights. Furthermore, we assist our clients in defending said monopoly rights.

More generally, we strive to protect every idea and every invention of our clients, being it the name or shape of the product, by obtaining monopoly rights for them (namely exclusive rights of production and marketing), and by defending these rights from possible counterfeiting by competitors.

Particularly, we offer legal and extrajudicial technical advice to our clients by carrying out infringement examinations of their rights with respect to those of their competing companies, and by drafting warning letters addressed to these competitors.

In addition, we conduct patent searches on the rights of companies reported to us in order to verify the monopoly rights of these companies (freedom-to-operate), and we prepare replies to warning letters received by our clients from other companies.

We have the experience to deal with unfair competition, slavish imitation, administrative oppositions, invalidity actions, assignments and licenses of patents, trademarks and designs, registration of assignments of patent, trademark and design-related rights, freedom-to-operate examinations also for identity, equivalents or contributory infringement, main lawsuits, urgent proceedings, and appeals at the Board of Appeals.

We are registered in the Register of the Industrial Property Consultants on behalf of the Commercial Court, in particular on behalf of the Court of Venice (CTU), and we offer our technical advice on pending litigations before the Commercial Courts (CTP). Furthermore, among our extrajudicial services we also provide assistance with regard to registration of assignments and licenses of rights deriving from industrial property rights.