Gallo & Partners trademark consulting firm

Gallo & Partners is a consulting company that operates globally through its own selected network of correspondents for the registration of trademarks in all countries of the world and for the defence of related rights.

Our trademark attorneys are authorized to represent the client companies for obtaining and defending their trademark rights worldwide, and in particular before the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), or in any country through our network of qualified correspondents.

We support our client companies in overcoming the challenges of the market by allowing their products to emerge and distinguish through their own distinctive signs, such as marks, packaging and slogans, whilst protected by our firm with the most appropriate industrial property rights.
We work alongside our client companies to develop the best strategies for the protection and enhancement of their brands, and of every element related to the "product" and that characterizes it, not only with the brand but also with the packaging, the slogan, the logo, the design, the pay-off, and also the sign’s position on the product. We valorise the intangible assets that contribute to the perception of the product not only visually but also emotionally, and according to the economic, functional or qualitative reasons that the product has to convey.

We manage brands of global importance for many companies. We adopt the best trademark strategy choices focused on the real business needs of our client companies by considering the aspects of unfair competition, look-alikes, and the regulations governing trademark, design, copyright rights, etc.
We also have the knowledge and experience to assist our clients in obtaining and defending their intellectual property rights on distinctive signs in any country through our network of correspondents.

Furthermore, during administrative procedures, we also deal with: assessments of trademarks and designs (for example for license agreements or deeds of assignments), availability searches for both identity and similarity (for example to evaluate the actual "strength" of a mark), regularization in Italy of international trademarks, extensions abroad of Italian trademarks, replies to official letters from examiners, management of opposition procedures, invalidity and cancellation actions, drafting of injunctions and responses to received ones, management of our clients' intangible assets portfolio, and official fees (in particular maintenance fees).